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Lime Systems-Bulk Storage Solutions have developed a full range of hard metric, heavy duty, bolted seal ring bin activators designed to enhance the material discharge from either new or existing storage silos or stockpiles.

Designed utilising the latest CAD/CAM software to ensure the gyrator force acts through the unit’s centroid to provide a uniform amplitude in all directions.The low headroom design enables savings in bin design and access as well as ensuring a positive discharge of the product while eliminating “rat-holing”, bridging, segregation or consolidation of product with discharge to downstream process on a “first in first out” basis.

1. Conventional silos have a 60 degree transition cone from their maximum diameter to a greatly reduced discharge port. The movement of the material towards the outlet port plus the head load of the material in the silo causes the formation of a zone of hydraulic compaction and the material to become cohesive and pack.It is this interlocking of the product on itself which renders the material self supporting and creates arching above the outlet and prevents the discharge of product from the silo.

2. If this area of the transition cone which has the greatest concentration of compacted material is removed then the high internal material stresses are eliminated and the products develop the forces that retard its movement towards the outlet and discharge. The removal of the lower two thirds of the cone would result in a greatly oversized discharge and uncontrollable flow of product from the storage facility. The installation of a correctly sized bin activator results in the elimination of the area of hydraulic compaction, provides support for the material and enables an outlet port sizing compatible with downstream equipment.

3. The bin activator internal baffle supports the material head load in the silo and provides a void space below it to the outlet. The initiation of the gyrator causes the dynamic head containing the internal conical baffle to oscillate and the material supported above it to move sideways off the baffle and flow to the discharge port under the influence of gravity. Additional vibratory forces are transmitted tangentially off the internal baffle and into the material above it, breaking any arch formation and eliminating a “rat hole” flow from the silo.

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