Bulk Bag Discharging

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Specifically designed for the discharge of dry powdered bulk materials from a range of FIBC’s (Bulk Bags) again employing the modular concept which allows for a basic unit to have options added to match the degree of automation required in your plant. The following options can be added to the basic model LB-1 or LB-2 bag discharger.

  • Customised top or bottom lifting frames.
  • Multi function lifting frame for hoist or fork lift
  • Three edged cutting knife for more complete release of material
  • Dust free discharge by means of rubber sealing membrane
  • Vibratory motor for more efficient discharge of product
  • Liner tensioner for the clamping of bag internal liners
  • Containment enclosures for toxic or hazardous products
  • Sanitary “food grade” manufacture
  • Safety entry for the tie off of partly emptied bags

The big bag dischargers can be coupled to your choice of downstream metering or conveying systems such as rotary valves, screw conveyors, blowing seals for pneumatic transfer, dense phase transfer pressure pots or weighing systems.

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