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For the receival of powdered polymers and reagents in any form (bulk pressurised road tankers, bulk bags, 1 cubic metre boxes / 200 litre drums – Xanthate, or 17-25Kg polyethylene bags) Lime Systems – Bulk Storage Solutions have designed and developed a range of receival and storage facilities to operate in conjunction with our “QUICKMIX” reagent preparation systems that will provide the optimum solution to your plants requirements.

The largest systems have bulk storage silo’s provided with reverse pulse bin vent filters to receive product pneumatically from tankers, intermediate systems have integral hoisting and traversing systems for the delivery of the bulk bags and sufficient capacity to ensure that filling need only be done on day shift while smaller systems will normally accept 100Kg (4-5 bags of hand loaded product).

Each system is specifically designed to the clients operating parameters with the smaller packages incorporating the mixing tank positioned above the storage tank with all elements of the production facility and the mixed product process dosing pumps being assembled on a common skid base with fork lift tyne access and permanent lifting lugs provided for ease of movement within the clients plant.Flocculant, Guar, Finnfix, Xanthate, CMC, SMBS, Soda Ash, Hydrated Lime and Magnesia Oxide are products which have been successfully mixed and dosed into processes.

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