Grinding Media Handling

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Lime Systems - Bulk Storage Solutions will design specific systems for the admission of grinding media into Vertimills, ball mills or SAG mills.Units are designed to accept the grinding media from 200 litre drums, bobcat or front end loader buckets or from an overhead travelling magnet.

Once admitted to the holding kibble, the ball charge is sorted to a single depth row and delivered to the discharge feeder for delivery into the mill at the required rate. Units can operate on a preset timer, be manually operated or be linked to the load on the mill (Current draw).

Where delivery is via 200l drums a hoisting facility is available for connection to the feeder which elevates an open 200 litre drum and self tips the contents of the drum into the kibble. This eliminates the practice of balancing the drum in a sling while trying to empty the drum.Mixed sizing of the charge can be accommodated providing that counting of balls is not required.

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