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Screw Feeders / Screw Conveyors

For applications requiring the delivery of powdered products into process at set rates Lime Systems-Bulk Storage Solutions have the ability to design and manufacture a full range of screw feeders with variations for mixing, blending, heating, cooling or drying as required. Units can be manufactured in mild steel, stainless steel or with abrasion resistant components as required.

All screws are of heavy duty, mining industry construction with specialised shaft sealing, grease purged labyrinths and outboard mounted ball bearings. Lime Systems- Bulk Storage Solutions incorporate SEW Eurodrive geared reducers as the standard drive on all units of our manufacture.

Specialised inlet and discharge designs are available for dusty and hazardous material applications. Screws are available with weighing capability to give instantaneous feed rate, totalised weight or Loss - In - Weight of product delivered.

For material transfer between process points, a range of fixed speed tubular conveyors can be supplied, manufactured to the same high standard as the screw feeders.

Vibrating Conveyors

Lime Systems - Bulk Storage Solutions manufacture a range of vibratory conveyors in tubular configuration utilising pipe, square hollow sections or rectangular hollow sections. Optional overhead suspension or foot mounted units up to approximately 7.0m length are available in a single unit. Extended lengths can be achieved by “piggy backing” single units `or the incorporation of “countermass” style units.

Due to the units having no internal parts and the motion of the material within the units, they offer a viable alternative for the transfer of very sticky, very hot or abrasive materials.Inlet and discharge ports can be made dust tight to comply with OH&S requirements for dusty or toxic powders.The units are driven by twin contra rotating URAS gyrators with a low power draw and are noiseless in operation.

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