Quicklime Slaking

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Slaking involves the conversion of Calcium Oxide to Calcium Hydroxide with the resultant product usually produced in a slurry form for the distribution into process via pumps. Lime Systems - Bulk Storage Solutions have a range of packaged roller mounted ball mills specifically designed for quicklime slaking. The mills range from 900mm in diameter up to 2.1 metres in diameter capable of carrying out the conversion at rates of up to 20 tonne per hour.

Lime Systems-Bulk Storage Solutions are able to carry out the complete design and supply of your slaking system from the delivery tanker connection coupling on the storage silo to the dosing point into your process from the Milk-of-Lime ring main.Our systems incorporate numerous safety features to ensure correct operating – and more importantly correct shut down sequencing in the event of quicklime feed, process water failure or slurry blockages through the system.

Aspects of slaking facilities addressed by Lime Systems-Bulk Storage Solutions are:

  1. Dry quicklime bulk silo – design and supply
  2. Mill selection – Packaged Ball Mill – design and supply
  3. Tower or Vertimill - procurement and supply
  4. Metering and feed system – design and supply
  5. Circuit design – Open or Closed (Hydro Cyclones)
  6. Agitated Milk-of-Lime storage – design and supply
  7. Plant distribution system – ring main design and supply
  8. Installation and commissioning

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