Silo Bin Vent Filter

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The Lime Systems – SVF-18 Reverse pulse Silo Vent Filter has been purpose designed for installation on storage silos receiving product delivery via pressurised road delivery tankers.The SVF-18 was created by Lime Systems - Bulk Storage Solutions in response to industry demand for a silo filter unit that could be safely serviced by one person without the requirement for scaffolds, platforms or other access issues. The SVF therefore has a shorter body of a greater diameter enabling the installation of a larger number of shorter filter bags.

Circular in construction to withstand higher operating pressures and having a 3.0mm mild steel body with a fully welded 5.0mm thick tube sheet. The reverse pulse cleaning of the filter media is regulated by an integral controller mounted beneath the air receiver.This comprises a solid state printed circuit board mounted in a polycarbonate enclosure which also houses the actuating solenoid valves. 110-240AC or 24Vdc inputs are available with both having 24Vdc output allowing for safe operation and maintenance.

Lid Safety:

When maintenance to the filter is required the lid can be opened as two halves, this has been designed keeping the maintenance personnel’s safety in mind. A single person can easily lift the lid back and lock it into place with the attached locking pins. The locking pins are retained by chains and are there to ensure that the lid will not blow closed from wind gusts or accidents whilst work is being carried out.

Snap Collar:

Each filter bag is fitted into the tube sheet by a spring steel snap cuff collar. This ensures a dust tight seal between the dirty side (silo) and the clean air plenum. With the bags in place the spacing collar is placed around the snap cuff and the filter cage inserted into the bag. The filter cage contains a spun metal Venturi designed to maximize the impact of the reverse pulse air shot during each cleaning cycle. Cages, spacers and filter elements are all easily removed for inspection or change out with no hand tools required.

Bulk Head:

The installation of bulk head fittings, lynch pins and wing nuts has enabled the SVF to be fully serviced with a minimum of tools. The service person requires only a 200mm adjustable spanner (shifter, or crescent) and if access to the controller is required, a screw driver. All diaphragm valves are fixed using bulk head connections, the air delivery lines are “push fit” fittings. The blow tube ends are retained with lynch pins and the weather proof lids are fixed in place with wing nuts.

Safe Working Heights:

Due to the lower height of our Silo Bin Vent Filters any person of average height can safely service the SVF-18 when standing on the silo roof. This means there is no requirement for scaffolding, step ladders or “safety steps” taking up space and complicating the task at hand.

Roof Adapter:

To ensure correct fitting to the silo roof a mounting adapter is included in the price of each silo vent filter. The unit has a “chip basket” mesh base to prevent filter media, gloves and tools from falling into the silo and fouling screw feeders or rotary valves. The adapter is positioned in the roof, fully welded all round with under roof stiffening or bracing installed as per the structural engineers requirements.

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