Electrical Design

All packaged flocculant and depressant systems supplied by Lime Systems - Bulk Storage Solutions are supplied with full instrumentation and an integral electrical control panel. Control panels are designed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and in consultation with our clients to reflect the specific requirements of the plant or individual process. Larger bulk storage facilities with multiple silos and independent metering and feeding systems can be supplied with stand alone electrical control systems which typically incorporate a PLC, Indicators, motor starters, overloads etc.

In addition to this, operational parameters and levels are conveyed back to the main plant control system via 4 – 20 mA analogue signals (continuous level), voltage free contacts (discrete parameters) or plant wide communication. The information transmitted generally relates to:

  • The systems operational status.
  • Process liquid levels in the mixing tanks
  • Product levels in the storage silos.
  • Motor Status (Ready, Run & Fault)

Control panels are installed in our workshop by licensed electricians and tested prior to installation or shipment to site.

More Information

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