Lime Systems

Most mineral processing plants, water treatment and asphalt plants have a significant requirement for the addition of lime into their processes, primarily for neutralisation of pH but also for chemical reaction.

Each plant must consider the most economical method of carrying out the required lime addition. Factors influencing the choice of system will be quantity required, the logistics of supply and the return on investment.

Small usage or low demand is best served by obtaining the supply of hydrated lime in bulk bags and having a bag breaking system to administer the product to an agitated mixing tank at a controlled rate. Larger usage warrants the installation of a bulk storage silo with additional economies achieved via the delivery of hydrate in pressurised road delivery tankers. Larger usage may warrant the consideration of a slaking circuit.

For a plant with a reasonable operating life consuming large amounts of lime there are considerable savings to be made by converting to a quicklime slaking facility. The quicklime would then be delivered in bulk via pressurised road delivery tankers.

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