Silo Dust Collectors

Silo Bin Vent Filters

The Lime Systems – Bulk Storage Solutions Silo Bin Vent Filters are purpose designed to suit most applications for Bulk Storage Silo filtration. Our range of 3, 12 & 18 bag models are designed in response to industry demand, fulfilling client’s requirements in a broad spectrum of applications.

Our Silo Bin Vent Filters are mounted to the top of silos, negating the need for an additional maintenance platform. Robust in construction and powder coated to withstand demanding working conditions, the Lime Systems Silo Vent Filter has proven itself over the years globally.

The dust separated by the Lime Systems Silo Bin Vent Filter is returned back to the silo via a reverse pulse jet cleaning system regulated by an integrated controller. A variety of additional features can be added such as pressure differential automatic cleaning, and various inputs to suit your needs.