Bulk Bag Breaking Systems

Custom Designed Bulk Bag Discharge Systems

Lime Systems Big Bag Breakers are specifically designed for the discharge of dry powdered bulk materials from a range of FIBC’s (Bulk Bags) employing the modular concept, Lime System’s bulk bag splitting systems allow for a basic unit to have options added to match the degree of automation required in your plant.

Bulk bag splitting systems

The majority of our bulk bag dischargers utilise a purpose built enclosure capable of sheltering the bag breaking and discharging process from the surrounding elements. The enclosure can be designed to receive bags lifted by existing equipment such as gantry cranes or mobile cranes or can have a dedicated mono rail and hoist dedicated to the operation. Swing doors are used to allow passage of the bags into and out of the enclosure further enhancing the weather proofing of the system while containing the dust generated in the bulk bag discharging process.