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TBMA via Lime Systems – Bulk Storage Solutions are able to provide both dilute phase and dense phase pneumatic transfer options for most dry powdered material movement applications. The TBMA factory in Noordwijkerhout has an extensive testing facility for the evaluation of product suitability in either transfer mode.

lean phase:

Used as a lower cost alternative to the Dilute or Dense phase. Lime Systems-Bulk Storage Solutions incorporate TBMA rotary valves, blowing seals, inletadapters and Venturi adapters in conjunction with PDA Hibon “Rootes” style blower packages.Most dry powders and pellets are amenable to lean phase transfer with a distance limitation of 150 metres.A full range of TBMA fill vent valves, flap and plug diverter valves and multi directional diverter valves are available for incorporation into the delivery line.

dilute phase:

Best utilised when the material being transferred does not have a high abrasion index. The motive air requirement can be supplied by either a “Rootes” style blower or a low pressure (2 Barg) reciprocating or screw compressor. Conveying distances up to 400 metres can be accommodated.

dense phase:

The ideal applications for dense phase transfer occur when the material to be transferred is either highly abrasive or product degradation is a concern. The pressure vessel is inserted between the product bin and the conveying line. Motive air requirements are provided by a high pressure (6 Barg) reciprocating or screw compressor. Very high transfer rates can be achieved by engineering systems with pressure vessels in series or parallel with transfer distances of up to 1000 metres.


The PDA range of Hibon blower packages are supplied with an integral inlet filter silencer combination and discharge silencer. All components are assembled on a fabricated mild steel base and contained within a demountable acoustic enclosure for reduced operating noise levels.

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