Flocculant plants customised for your operating parameters

Lime Systems delivers custom flocculant plants to suit your project’s operating parameters, specific flocculant variety, and the preferred delivery method.

From design to delivery and maintenance services, Lime Systems has the equipment, technical expertise and global experience to get your flocculant project supplied and operating seamlessly.

Lime Systems: Flocculant Preparation

We design and develop a range of flocculant storage, mixing, batching, and dosing systems for powdered polymers and reagents.

At Lime Systems, we create designs ranging from small skid-mounted packages to large scale flocculant plants. Our solutions cover diverse applications across heavy industry; clarifiers, thickeners, wastewater treatment, and drinking water treatment processes, among others.

Our innovative approach to the engineering and installation of a flocculant mixing plant suits a broad array of process and treatment demands. No matter what your project’s specific needs are, we offer a first-in-class solution. Contact Lime Systems today for a quote.

Case Studies

Flocculant Mixing Systems

Solid liquid separation through flocculant systems is a tried and true filtration technique.

Flocculant solution essentially acts as a thickener in many cases to facilitate separation between solid and liquid.

Different applications utilise various reagents for the desired result; typically they will increase density to make filtration more effective. 

Custom Flocculant Plants

Flocculation is particularly useful in mining treatment, resulting in higher density tailings. It is also used heavily in wastewater processing solutions.

Preparation and dosing requires precision. The flocculant solution is a mixture of the dry or liquid flocculant and water, which is transferred to the liquid stream to aggregate smaller, individual particles into larger flocs.

The varied usage of flocculant solutions means a wide range of site-specific industrial applications. No two projects are the same. 

Lime Systems specialises in designing and implementing innovative and practical solutions for every project. 

Past clients have required everything from small fully portable sled mounted flocculant preparation systems, to bulk systems for some of the largest scale production facilities.

Flocculant Storage Solutions

Storing dry flocculant, and the dry feed system for flocculant mixing, ensure optimal flocculation efficiency. A dry flocculant system can include installation of equipment such as:

  • Bulk bag breakers
  • Dry product receival
  • Skid mounted system with dry powder hopper
  • Silo storage or tank with dust collector
  • Dry powder screw feeder

Flocculant Dosing Systems

Dosing systems improve performance, minimise waste and environmental impact of projects, ensure consistency and accuracy, and reduce labour from manual dosing and mixing. 

Equipment commonly used in a dosing plant:

  • Dosing pump
  • Mixing tank with agitator
  • Variable speed dosing pumps
  • Ageing compartment
  • Storing compartment or silo
  • Control panel (for entire system)

Flocculant Mixing Systems for Industrial Use

Dosing and mixing systems are typically applied in:

  • Raw water treatment for industrial supply or irrigation
  • Sludge dewatering treatments and in the wastewater treatment process
  • Oil separation, extraction, refinement or transportation
  • Mining and mineral extraction

Lime Systems clients for flocculant preparation systems have included Iluka Resources, Karara Mining, Resolute Mining, MSP Engineering, and more.

Working with Lime Systems

Lime Systems takes a tailored approach to creating turn-key flocculant preparation set up for your site and flocculant plant needs. 

Enquire with us about your project’s requirements today.

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