We specialize in crafting screw feeder systems designed for applications that demand the precise delivery of powdered products into the process at adjustable or accurate rates.

We possess the expertise to design and manufacture a diverse array of screw feeders. These screw conveyors can be tailored to incorporate features such as mixing, blending, heating, cooling, or drying, all according to specific requirements. Furthermore, we provide units constructed from mild steel, stainless steel, or with various abrasion-resistant components, ensuring they match the unique demands of each application.

All screws are meticulously crafted using heavy-duty materials that are widely employed in the mining industry. These screws are equipped with specialized shaft sealing, grease-purged labyrinths, and outboard-mounted bearings. We ensure the integration of well-established, high-quality drive units in all the screw conveyors we manufacture.

We excel in customizing screw conveyor designs to perfectly align with your individual needs. Our company offers a variety of inlet and discharge designs, particularly designed for the effective handling of hazardous and dusty materials.

To fulfill your specific screw conveyor requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to provide the ideal solution tailored just for you.

We presents an extensive selection of screw feeders, adept at managing a wide variety of dry bulk materials. These screw feeders excel in providing precise and dependable feeding solutions, particularly for applications involving lime and powder concentrates such as cement, fly ash, flour, and more. With an assortment of sizes and configurations, We are well-equipped to furnish tailored solutions that align precisely with your distinct requirements.

Crafted from premium materials, the screw feeders exhibit a commitment to longevity and durability, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance. These feeders are engineered to manage even the most demanding materials and can be outfitted with specialized attributes like variable speed drives, flexible connections, and explosion-proof motors. Our team of specialists partners closely with you to pinpoint the ideal configuration for your operation, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance. Reach out to us today to discover the array of screw feeder solutions tailored to precisely match your needs.


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