We are the foremost supplier of pneumatic conveyor systems in Australia.

In partnership with Lime Systems, TBMA presents an extensive selection of lean, dilute, and dense phase pneumatic conveyor systems designed to cater to diverse applications involving the movement of dry powdered materials. What’s more, our TBMA facility is equipped with a comprehensive testing setup, allowing us to thoroughly assess the suitability of products for different transfer modes.

Lean Phase Blowing Systems

Systems for lean phase blowing. Introducing a cost-effective alternative to dilute or dense phase options, we integrate TBMA rotary valves, blowing seals, inlet adapters, and venturi adapters with PDA Hibon “Roots” style blower packages. Our solution, based on lean phase transfer, proves ideal for a wide range of dry powders and pellets, albeit with a distance limitation of 150 meters. Furthermore, we provide an extensive selection of additional components. These include TBMA fill vent valves, flap and plug diverter valves, as well as multi-directional diverter valves, all seamlessly designed for integration into the delivery line.

Through our Bulk Storage Solutions division, we offer dependable and efficient Pneumatic Conveying solutions to address diverse bulk material handling needs. Pneumatic Conveying is a versatile and effective approach that employs compressed air or gas for transferring materials across extended distances. Our Pneumatic Conveying systems are skillfully crafted to manage a variety of materials, ranging from powders to pellets and granules. Furthermore, we extend customized solutions meticulously tailored to match specific application demands. These solutions encompass choices for conveying rates, material handling capacities, and system configurations.

Our Pneumatic Conveying systems showcase high-efficiency fans and blowers, coupled with advanced filters and separators. This combination ensures optimal performance while minimizing maintenance requirements. Moreover, the systems are designed to prioritize energy efficiency, featuring low power consumption and reduced noise levels. Our adept team of experienced engineers and technicians collaborates closely with clients to create, fabricate, and install Pneumatic Conveying systems tailored to their precise needs and specifications. Maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality, safety, and reliability, we furnish Pneumatic Conveying solutions that bolster productivity and efficiency across diverse industries, encompassing mining, mineral processing, and food processing sectors.

Beyond system design and manufacturing, we provide an all-encompassing range of maintenance, repair, and upgrade services aimed at optimizing equipment uptime and extending its operational life. This comprehensive suite of services comprises system audits, replacement of worn components, and the installation of new components to enhance overall performance and efficiency. Opting for our Pneumatic Conveying solutions translates to increased productivity, minimized downtime, and maximized performance tailored to clients’ material handling needs.


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