Roller-mounted ball mills that suit multiple grinding applications.

We provide roller-mounted ball mills designed to cater to various grinding applications and accommodate a range of grinding media. Our ball mills are capable of handling tonnages exceeding 20TPH of dry feed per train, contingent upon the specific attributes of the feed material. Moreover, our ball mills come equipped with comprehensive automated control, lubrication, and flushing systems, all of which contribute to achieving exceptional flexibility and unwavering reliability.

The ball mills we offer come equipped with high-quality components sourced from reputable OEMs as standard. These designs are fully customizable to meet our clients’ specific needs, accounting for site conditions, required grind, and production rates. We pay special attention to minimizing blockages in the mill feed components, and each ball mill is equipped with specially designed sealing and feed arrangements to reduce maintenance downtime and increase availability. We have a track record of producing a range of ball mills for customers worldwide, from Turkey and PNG to Western Australia. Additionally, we offer on-site routine check-ups and maintenance services.

Case Studies

We are renowned for offering top-notch ball mills that are ideal for grinding applications in diverse industries. Our ball mills are meticulously crafted to handle a range of materials including limestone, slag, fly ash, and cement, among others. Placing a significant focus on performance and dependability, we produce ball mills that adhere to rigorous quality standards. This commitment ensures superior efficiency and sustained durability for the long term.

We offer a range of ball mills in various sizes and configurations to cater to different grinding requirements. Whether you need a small lab-scale ball mill for testing or a large industrial ball mill for high-capacity grinding, we can accommodate your needs. With our advanced technology and innovative design, our ball mills are designed to enhance your grinding operations and improve productivity.

Our expertise in bulk storage solutions further positions us as your preferred partner for all your ball mill and associated storage and feed equipment requirements. To learn more about how our ball mills can benefit your operations, contact us today.


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