Lithium Hydroxide and Rare Earth elements (REEs) are essential in various new, existing, and emerging technologies, including wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles, and associated control system components.

The growing demand for these energy-centric technologies has galvanized the expansion of the Lithium and Rare Earth sector in recent times. As these technologies progressively integrate into everyday life and global industries, we understand that the market for these products is projected to experience significant growth.

We have solidified a formidable presence within the major Lithium Hydroxide refineries across Western Australia and noteworthy Rare Earth projects. Through the supply of durable, dependable equipment boasting versatile functionalities, we actively contribute to this transformative industry. We understand that the Rare Earth sector is poised to retain its pivotal role in propelling new energy technologies forward. As Lime Systems, we stand committed to both supporting and expanding in tandem with this dynamic industry landscape.

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