Australia produces 19 significant minerals in considerable quantities, operating over 350 mines. These minerals serve as sources for various valuable materials, including metals.

Australia is one of the world’s leading producers of minerals, such as bauxite (aluminium ore), iron ore, lithium, gold, lead, diamond, rare earth elements, uranium, and zinc. The country also possesses extensive mineral sand deposits containing ilmenite, zircon, and rutile. Additionally, Australia contributes substantial amounts of black coal, manganese, antimony, nickel, silver, cobalt, copper, and tin to the global market. These materials are gaining popularity, particularly with the increasing utilisation of rare earth elements in emerging technologies.

Thanks to Australia’s abundant mineral resources, the country is globally recognised for its mineral extraction, storage, and processing expertise. Lime Systems provides tailored solutions for bulk storage, conveying, and processing equipment required to enhance the value of these minerals through specialised refining processes. 

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