We offer a comprehensive range of services for Rotary Valves, including supply, maintenance, and repair.

Over the years, TBMA and Lime Systems have accumulated a wealth of experience in manufacturing high-quality rotary valves and blowing seals. 

The TBMA rotary valves have solidified their reputation as dependable and enduring products, catering to diverse industries and applications. We keep an extensive selection of valve options stocked in its warehouse located in Perth, Western Australia. This enables us to effectively match customers’ specific material characteristics and metering requirements with suitable rotary valves. For further information, please visit www.TBMA.com.

Rotary valves are integral to numerous bulk handling systems, and we offer a versatile array of rotary valves designed to deliver dependable, efficient, and cost-effective performance. Constructed with premium materials, including stainless steel, our rotary valves are offered in various sizes and configurations to precisely meet individual customer requirements. These valves are utilized in a range of scenarios, encompassing material feeding, discharge, and dust collection systems.

Our rotary valves are equipped with advanced features, including variable speed drives and high-capacity inlets and outlets, guaranteeing smooth and efficient operation. These valves are expertly designed to manage a wide spectrum of bulk materials, encompassing powders, granules, and pellets, and can be customized to withstand high-temperature environments. The installation and maintenance of our rotary valves are streamlined, and customers have the freedom to select from an array of options, including airlocks, explosion-proof designs, and various sealing mechanisms. Moreover, we are equipped to provide tailor-made solutions that precisely align with customers’ requirements, be it for a new system or a replacement.


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