Efficiently unload dry powdered bulk materials from a variety of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), commonly known as Bulk Bags.

Our Bulk Bag Discharging systems efficiently unload dry powdered bulk materials from various FIBCs (Bulk Bags). These systems follow a modular concept, allowing the basic unit to be customized with added options based on the required plant automation level.

Enhance our fundamental LB-1 or LB-2 bag discharger model by incorporating these supplementary options:

  • Personalized lifting frames for top or bottom positioning.
  • Multi-purpose lifting frame for hoisting or forklift application.
  • Three-edged cutting knife for complete material release.
  • Dust-free discharge via rubber sealing membrane.
  • Vibratory motor to optimize material discharge.
  • Liner tensioner for securing internal bag liners.
  • Containment enclosures for hazardous materials.
  • Sanitary “food-grade” fabrication for hygienic standards.
  • Secure access for tying off partially emptied bags.

Furthermore, our bulk bag dischargers can be seamlessly integrated with various downstream systems like rotary valves, screw conveyors, pneumatic transfer blowing seals, dense phase transfer pressure pots, or weighing systems.

We provide top-tier Bulk Bag Discharging systems that guarantee the efficient and secure handling of dry powdered bulk materials. Our systems are meticulously designed to facilitate the unloading of materials from bulk bags (FIBCs), employing a modular structure that enables tailored solutions and expandability to match our plant’s distinct requirements. Our Bulk Bag Discharging systems ensure user-friendly operation and straightforward maintenance. Furthermore, they can incorporate dust-sealing membranes and TriBlade cutting knives to effectively reduce material spillage and dust release.

We place a strong emphasis on performance and dependability, evident in our versatile Bulk Bag Discharging systems, which come in a range of configurations tailored to accommodate varying levels of automation and throughput demands. These systems can be custom-engineered to accept bulk bags lifted by existing equipment like gantry or mobile cranes or feature a dedicated monorail and hoist setup. Swing doors facilitate the smooth movement of bags in and out of the enclosure, enhancing protection against weather elements and containing dust.

Benefitting from our extensive knowledge and proficiency in bulk storage solutions, we are the perfect collaborator for all your Bulk Bag Discharging requirements. Prospective clients are encouraged to engage with us today to explore how our Bulk Bag Discharging systems can optimize material handling procedures and elevate operational efficiency.


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