Custom-designed units to suit your application

Our Container Tippers are meticulously designed with a paramount focus on safety and user-friendliness. Our unwavering commitment to safety is exemplified through the incorporation of safety interlocks, handrails, and guarding mechanisms. These features work in harmony to guarantee that we remain safeguarded at all times while our equipment is in operation.

Our containers are gaining significant traction as the preferred choice for delivery due to a multitude of compelling reasons. Drawing upon our profound expertise in the bulk handling industry, we seamlessly cater to this approach by providing tailor-made units that perfectly align with our specific application. Regardless of whether the material is intended for direct deposition into a storage vessel or a designated receival dump point, we take charge of the entire design process, right from tipping to comprehensive dust collection measures.

At Lime Systems, we take pride in being a reliable source of top-notch Container Tippers meticulously crafted to optimize material handling processes and elevate overall productivity. Our Container Tippers are thoughtfully engineered to manage a wide spectrum of materials, encompassing powders, granules, and flakes, rendering them exceptionally suited for application across diverse industries.

The tippers are crafted with easy maintenance in mind, featuring accessible points and removable components that streamline and improve maintenance activities. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding solutions that support us in reaching our objectives. Capitalizing on our extensive knowledge and proficiency, we offer top-notch products that surpass expectations, guaranteeing peak performance and unwavering reliability.


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