Silo Bin Vent Filters

Our Silo Bin Vent Filters are purpose-designed to suit most Bulk Storage Silo filtration applications. The range of 3, 12 & 18 bag models is designed to meet industry demand, fulfilling clients’ requirements in a broad spectrum of applications.

Our Silo Bin Vent Filters are conveniently mounted on the silo’s top, eliminating the necessity for an extra maintenance platform. These filters are constructed to be sturdy and powder-coated, ensuring durability in the face of challenging operational environments. The Lime Systems Silo Vent Filter has successfully demonstrated its reliability across the globe over the years.

The dust that the Lime Systems Silo Bin Vent Filter separates is efficiently redirected back into the silo using a reverse pulse jet cleaning system, which is controlled by an integrated controller. Moreover, we offer a variety of additional features, such as automatic cleaning based on pressure differentials and multiple inputs tailored to specific requirements.

Case Studies

We offer a range of Silo Bin Vent Filters (Dust Collectors) designed to control dust emissions and improve plant air quality effectively. Our Silo Bin Vent Filters are designed to handle a wide range of materials, including powders, granules, and flakes, making them ideal for use in diverse industries such as mining, cement, and food processing. What’s more, we provide customizable options to match the specific requirements of your plant, including different filter media and sizes.

Our Silo Bin Vent Filters are engineered for maximum efficiency and reliability, using high-quality materials and construction to ensure optimal performance. We incorporate advanced technologies and features such as pulse-jet cleaning, integrated fans, and weather hoods to enable our filters to operate at peak efficiency, even in challenging environments. What’s more, we’ve designed these filters for easy maintenance, incorporating access points and removable parts that make maintenance tasks straightforward and efficient.


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