Choosing us as your supplier instills a sense of pride in the final product you or your team deliver. We are committed to collaborating with clients and stakeholders to complete projects that satisfy all parties, from the initial concept to the after-sales service.

Our Team

Our team is under the guidance of proprietor Carey O’Keefe, a seasoned engineer with nearly 50 years of global experience in designing reagent handling facilities. Within our ranks are in-house project managers, engineers, and drafting personnel. Together, we take your specifications and transform them into meticulously engineered, manufactured, and delivered plants that precisely align with your unique requirements.

Carey O’Keefe

Founder and Principal

Carey O’Keefe is renowned for his engineering capability, his knowledge of the sector, and his passion to overcome design challenges and deliver industry leading equipment.

Carey has nearly fifty years’ experience, working in progressively senior engineering roles for companies such as Australian Iron and Steel (now a BHP Subsidiary) and Southern Engineering Services, before co-founding Transmin PTY Ltd, in 1987.

Over the next eight years, Carey established the business as a market leader in the design and supply of Bulk Materials Handling and Feeding equipment.
In 2005, Carey left Transmin to set up Lime Systems Bulk Handling Storage Solutions and establish a truly ‘customer first’ organisation.
Since its inception, Lime Systems has been involved in overcoming many complex and challenging engineering projects, including building one of the largest flocculant plants in Australia – the Iluka Jacinth Ambrosia Flocculant Plant.
Carey’s energy and demand for quality never waivers. His mantra to Lime Systems remains simple and consistent:
“Lime Systems must design and build every piece of equipment better than the last one, because better never rests”.

Clint Turner

Head of Drafting

Clint Turner, the Head of Drafting, joined Lime Systems in 2009 as a Draftsman/Project Manager, utilising his management skills gained from previous roles outside the industry.

His proficiency in transforming designs from the screen to high-quality equipment led to his promotion to the Head of Drafting in 2011.

Clint’s leadership guides a team of five skilled draftsmen and is integral to Lime Systems’ leadership team.

Notably, he considers the design and construction of the complex Lime Slaker at the Lihir Gold plant in Papua New Guinea as an exceptional example of turning design concepts into reality.

Branko Matic


Branko Matic, the Estimator, leads the Estimating function at Lime Systems.

Branko brings extensive expertise to his position with over 21 years of experience in various engineering roles at companies such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, Yokogawa, and SCEE.

In addition, he holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering, an Advanced Diploma of Engineering in Instrument and Control, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Project Management. 

Branko thrives on creating value for Lime Systems’ clients by developing tenders that leverage the company’s engineering and problem-solving capabilities to meet their needs and overcome challenges.

Jascha Marwitz

Jascha Marwitz

Chief Operations Officer

Jascha Marwitz has played a vital role in driving Lime Systems’ recent growth.

Joining the company seven years ago, Jascha started in the Tendering team and gained experience in the Engineering and Projects department before assuming the role of COO.

Currently pursuing an MBA, Jascha holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.) with Honors. He has been involved in several significant Lime Systems projects, including designing, supplying, and commissioning the Flocculant Plant for the Gruyere Gold project in 2018.

Jascha is dedicated to leading teams that collaborate to solve problems and achieve collective success.

Luke Fisher

Finance & Personnel Manager

Luke Fisher, the Finance & Personnel Manager, has been with Lime Systems for nearly a decade, fulfilling various roles, including drafting and selling spares and accessories.

As the current Finance Manager, Luke oversees the day-to-day financial management of the organisation.

However, he goes beyond numbers and is deeply committed to areas such as Human Resources, Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices.

In addition, Luke focuses on providing the necessary people capability and skills development to foster a safe and motivated work environment where Lime Systems can deliver exceptional client results and build enduring relationships.


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