Australia’s foremost screw conveyor manufacturer – Globally recognised

As the premier screw conveyor manufacturer in Australia, we specialise in the design and production of screw conveyors tailored for bulk materials. Our screw conveyors are meticulously crafted to precisely introduce powdered products into processes at predefined rates, offering flexibility for mixing, blending, heating, cooling, or drying as necessitated by the application.

Looking for a screw feeder instead? We also manufacturer them. See the following link for our Screw Feeders equipment page.

Every conveyor produced by us is meticulously constructed using heavy-duty materials that meet the standards of the mining industry. They are designed with specialised shaft sealing, grease-purged labyrinths, and outboard-mounted bearings to elevate their performance and extend their lifespan. As a testament to our dedication to achieving excellence, we integrate best-in-class drive units into all screw conveyors we build.


Fully Customised Screw Conveyor Systems

We excel in delivering entirely tailored screw conveyors, finely tuned to align with your precise needs. Our company offers a diverse range of inlet and discharge designs that adeptly manage hazardous, dusty and difficult materials. If you’re seeking personalised screw conveyor solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Case Studies

Screw conveyors are versatile and economical solutions for efficiently transporting bulk materials across diverse industries. We specialise in the design and fabrication of screw conveyors, customising them to align precisely with your needs. With a commitment to using top-tier materials, including stainless steel and carbon steel, we guarantee the longevity and dependability. Our team provides a wide range of screw conveyor configurations, encompassing compact laboratory screw conveyors to robust conveyors suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Our screw conveyors integrate advanced elements, such as variable speed drives, multiple inlets and flexible shaft couplings, to guarantee seamless and efficient operation. We offer an array of screw designs, spanning helicoid, sectional, and ribbon screws, each adeptly suited for managing diverse materials, from powders to granules and flakes. These screw conveyors have multifunctional applications, encompassing material handling, dosing, mixing, and more. We offer personalised solutions, including specialised screw designs tailored to align with specific customer requisites. With our extensive proficiency in bulk handling systems, we consistently deliver dependable and economical solutions for all screw conveyor demands.


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