About Us

Lime Systems Bulk Storage Solutions Pty Ltd. is a locally owned and  operated company within the engineering hub of Perth, Western Australia.  We value the dedication of our team and their commitment to delivering  quality to our client in all facets of our scope of supply. Lime Systems  commenced trading in 2005 with a focus on the handling, storage,  recovery and mixing of dry powdered bulk materials. Our Principal has in  excess of thirty years experience designing and delivering major  processing facilities to major mining houses worldwide and providing  consultation to end users on efficient use of their reagents and the  reagent plant utilised. 

To engage Lime Systems as your supplier  is to have pride in the end product that you or your team are  delivering. Lime Systems is dedicated to working with our clients and  stakeholders to achieve a common goal of delivering a project to  completion that satisfies all involved from concept to after sales  service.

Our expertise goes beyond our branding name of Lime  Systems to include the handling and mixing of many reagents including  but not limited to; 

Lime  Systems has an ongoing commitment to quality from the initial  engagement consultation through to the supply of our final product. We  pride ourselves on delivering equipment on time and exceeding the  customers quality expectations. As we specialise in custom designs  tailored to satisfy demanding conditions we ensure our plant is up for  the job and will operating reliably for years to come. 

All of  Lime Systems reagent plant installations carefully consider all  involved. From transport to operations, the cumulative knowledge  possessed by our people ensure every conceivable aspect of the plant is  designed for ease of operation for all current and future stakeholders. 

Lime  System's purpose is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with  all clients that last well into the future. Our ultimate goal is to  provide the right equipment and services for the right application.  Through experience and continuous improvement strategies we dedicate  ourselves to supporting our clients in all aspects of a project to  ensure their deliverables are met and maintained from project delivery  through to future production.