Project: Cadia Xanthate Package
Location: Cadia NSW
Client: Newcrest Mining
Year: 2020

The facility supplied by Lime Systems was designed to receive and safely store dry-bagged Potassium Amyl Xanthate (PAX) before mixing, storing, and dosing the mixed solution to downstream equipment.

Safety was a priority for the facility as PAX made the areas hazardous. Solid PAX was considered a combustible dust and could form potentially explosive dust clouds. When in liquid form, PAX may decompose to produce carbon disulphide and alcohol gas as byproducts. The reaction of PAX with water was slightly exothermic, aiding in decomposition and carrying the potential for autoignition.

Lime Systems undertook this package’s design, supply, delivery, construction verification, and commissioning assistance. A third party performed the hazardous area classification and final sign-off.

We can take your project from concept through to design, sign-off and final delivery, looking after you every step of the way.


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