Project: Lihir Island Gold Mine
Location: Papua New Guinea
Client: PT Newcrest Mining Limited
Year: 2011

Lihir Gold contracted Lime Systems to design, manufacture, and commission a receival station that accepted and tipped 20″ ISO sea containers. Lime Systems also developed a transfer system to a 200 T Silo. In addition, they installed an 8 TPH packaged roller-mounted ball mill with cyclone classification, which fed into the client’s agitated storage tank.

Later, a standalone building with a monorail system was constructed on-site. This building was designed to accept bulk bags and deliver them to a breaking station, where the contents were directly transferred into an agitated mixing tank. The reagents were then transferred to the plant storage tank. Due to the hazardous nature of the reagent, Potassium Amyl Xanthate, the area was classified as extremely dangerous. Therefore, all pumps, motors, and control panels were appropriately rated and positioned to ensure safety.

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